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CanBecome: Helping people envision potential

Fact:  Most people can't get beyond the datedness of a home to imaging what a remodel will look like, or how to finish off an unfinished area of a home.  Therefore these people rarely even look at a dated home despite it's ideal location. Our mission is to bridge the gap between "as-is" versus "what it Can Become".  At CanBecome we show people the potential of a home virtually through 3D Renderings.   We are all about giving vision to home buyers.  Our renderings also come with a materials list of what it would require in materials to do a depicted remodel.  We use state of the art, professional grade software and can personalize each project to the desires of the eventual buyer of a home we render.  CanBecome is simply the best way to help people buy or sell real estate. 

Think about it: Everyone selling a home needs a buyer.   

We help home sellers through our service by attracting more buyers because they can now see the potential of a home that we have rendered.   Our photo quality renderings are included in our listing photos along with the actual "as-is" photos.  We clearly label each rendering as a rendering and explain in the remarks section of a listing that these are computer generated virtual photos, and that the eventual buyer will have the opportunity to customize the renderings to fit their individual desires.  There is very strong evidence that a buyer will net more money by selling it "as-is" and not remodeling a home just to sell it.  Rendering a home is the best option in a vast majority of cases. 

We also help buyers we represent by showing them the potential of a home that is in their desired neighborhood.  When shopping for a home our clients can effectively look at any home in their desired location and not have to skip the ones that are dated or unfinished because they just can't envision how they could make a home become exactly what they want it to be.  Infact many clients prefer to look at dated homes first, because they can buy these for less money and then remodel it to exactly what they want, "making it their's".

CanBecome is the wave of the future in how we present homes for sale and how we shop for them.  

The 3 basic ways to present your home for sale

The best way to sell a home is to sell it as is which includes making it as presentable as possible without spending thousands of dollars on a remodel. Do things like, declutter, clean it, and repair things that will need repairing. Then to enhance it's appeal have 3D Architectural Renderings done to show the potential of the home.  

HGTV is costing sellers a lot of money by making them think that they can have the cost of their home increase more than the cost to remodel it. The experts all say that in most cases the rise in value will be much less that the cost of the projects

Debunking the myth "that you will make money remodeling"...you won't. 

Evidence from the experts confirms that remodeling will most likely cost more than the increase in price.  

Indepth look at a telling article in Realtor magazine about remodeling to sell.

If a Realtor encourages you to remodel to sell they may be giving you bad advice.  The bad thing is that several large Real Estate Brokerages encourage this practice...beware is my advice.